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Another tiny home! Yes, I really, REALLY like tiny homes! Welcome to Henry’s Nook — located just outside of Whiterun by the pond behind where the Khajiit caravan camp sits.


    [*]Henry! Henry is a pack goat that meanders near Henry’s nook. If you ask him nicely, Henry will follow you around on your travels and even carry your burdens! (He counts as an animal companion, so he doesn’t take up a follower slot)

    [*]A laundry system! If you pick up some clean laundry from the laundry pile out front, in eight or so hours, you’ll have some dirty laundry. Afterwards, you can wash your dirty laundry and restart the process.

    [*]Coffee! If you gather five Dragon’s Tongue Flowers, you can craft some Dragon’s Tongue Beans at the kettle inside. With those beans, you can make Dragon’s Coffee!

    [*]A functioning fireplace! In order to keep the fireplace lit, you must give three firewood every four hours.

    [*]Custom Storage! Lots of it!

    [*]Crafting Stations! A baking tray (oven), enchanting book (dis/enchanting station), and a cooking pot!

    [*]Custom clock sounds! Royalty free clock ticking to accompany the sounds of a wooden shack.

    [*]A cozy, cluttered, and lived-in home! Enjoy!

In order to acquire the key to Henry’s Nook, you must activate the suspicious stone by the front door. If you activate the stone a second time with the key in your inventory, you can put the key back beneath the stone. Also, just a heads up — things are likely a bit darker and less saturated in game than in the pictures simply due to my visual set up.

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