High Elf Preset – Mid – Optional Preset

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Hello, I want to get your comments on this preset

 this is just an optional preset for High Elf preset Mid 2

which were created but set aside :3

And also a screenshot[/size][/color] of your char using this preset if u can tyyy :3


ENB used – Snapdragon prime

Put the .jslot in: Skyrim > Data > SKSE > Plugin > CharGen > Presets


Eyes of Aber[/url], or if you want other eyes, you can use another


RANs HeadMesh Variants , Ran-C headmesh 

KS Hairdos – Renewal

SG Female Eyebrows  – or if you want another brows you can choose another

For skin – Fair Skin Complexion

For Body, CBBE

Preset list

Breton Preset Krisa

RedGuard Preset Abe v2

RedGuard Preset Abe

Wood Elf Preset Acasha 3

Dark Elf Preset Natsh 2

Wood Elf Preset Acasha 2

High Elf preset Mid 2

High Elf Preset Mid

Dark Elf Preset Natsh

Wood Elf Preset Acasha

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99585

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