High Hrothgar – Athenian Concept (SE backport)

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Copied from holananz SSE mod page:

Features :

Adding couple of pillar serve as an entrance to high hrothgar

Replace the statue of Talos with more appealing statue

Adding More Statue

Adding wall lamp beside door entrance

ESPFE Plugin

Just give it a try, uninstall if you did not like it

Compatibility :

Mostly compatible with existing High Hrothgar mods on the nexus.

Designed to be compatible with high hrothgar overhaul by mannyGT, and SWIFT – fasttravel

Credits :

I personally did not create the resource that i use here, The Credit goes to awsome modder that upload the resource on nexus for us to improve skyrim more. I  simply put it in the game

Thx to LorSakyamuni for the awsome statue

Thx to Incaendo for the pillars


Tool :

Creation Kit

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98230

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