High Hrothgar Kitchen

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Skyrim SE version here: High Hrothgar Kitchen[/url]

Inspired by mods such as Kursan’s Mages Kitchen and High Hrothgar Shelter, this mod adds an extra room connecting the High Hrothgar monastery to a small natural cave under the mountainside. This is the Greybeards’ kitchen, where they store their food supplies and cook their meals. A spring at the back of the cave serves as a water source.

For users of survival/needs mods, the kitchen space provides a basic area where the Dragonborn and a follower can eat, sleep, fill waterskins, and bathe. There are also two non-respawning chests for safe storage, although all other containers respawn. A cooking spit and the bread oven from Hearthfires is included, but no other crafting stations. The kitchen is meant to fit in with the rest of High Hrothgar rather than serving as a player home. I made it for my own use because I’d started building permanent campsites in a corner of the monastery, and I wanted a less obtrusive way to serve the same few functions.

The door is to the right of the main hall, not far from the dining area. Items inside are owned by the Greybeards, which means that they are free to take after “The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller” is complete.

Requires Hearthfire.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99006

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