HistBone and Bonewood Argonian Armors

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Someone requested a argonian armor this so I made it 🙂

                                HISTBONE AND BONEWOOD ARMOR

Adds standalone Male and Female Argonian Armors called Histbone and Bonewood Armor for ALL races fully scale-able and awesome! lol

Crafted and Tempering is custom to match the Armor, example one has moss on it so get some moss LOL.

Bonewood is Heavy Armor equivalent to falmer strength — ———- (pick a piece of a tree stump after cutting a tree up it ain’t light)

Histbone is Light Armor same strength but lighter weight         

I chose hoods cause Argonians have big heads and khajiits but All races have their own size of these hoods Scalable.

AGAIN if you like endorse if you don’t like don’t endorse

( my perception is this about all mods if someone likes it they endorse if not they don’t)[/b][/color]

The Beautiful Screen Shots are from Dualkiller3000[/url] Check out His Mod too.

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