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1. What this mod done? 

This mod adds a simple function for all the player home chests, make all your home chests be available linked to a “Cloud storage chest”, that would storage and share all the items inside all your home chests.

Therefore, with this mod you can easily share items that put in home chests of different locations. For instance, if you put a weapon inside your whiterun breezeroom home chest, when you travel to the honeyside house of riften later, you could take that weapon out from the home chest in honeyside.  

All the home chests should own the same function, including those home chests added by mods.

So, you can even share the items inside your whiterun breezehome home chest with a home chest located in a beyond-skyrim -bruma home.

2. Mod Installation Instructions(Must Read Carefully Please!!!):

 (1) How to install? 

Use a mod manager to install or put the unpacked ESP and BSA file in your game data fold .

(2) Here are things you must do before enter the game after installed this mod. 

Circumstance 1: I am starting a new game after installed this mod 

Things you should do under Circumstance 1:

nothings. just do whatever you want as normal, the functions of this mod added should work fine in a new


Circumstance 2 : I am using a old gamesave that owned house, but never put anything in a home chest before.

 Things you should do under Circumstance 2: 

nothings to do either. If you never put any of your items in a home chest before in this save, then everything

should still work properly.

 Circumstance 3 : I am using a old gamesave which owned house and stored some of my items in one or serval of home chests before.

Things you should do under Circumstance 3 (Must read if this is your circumstance):

(a) Firstly, back up your gamesave before enter the game. 

(b) After enter the game and load your save, you should immediately visit all the houses with the home chests you had stored items in before. After you enter the home, just stand still for a few seconds. This step was to make sure all the “RemoveItem” script attached to your home chests work properly, so all your items stored in vanilla home chests before could transfer to the “Cloud storage chest” without any mistakes. 

These are console commands you may need to quickly visit the houses with items stored in home chests:

Whiterun breezehome: coc WhiterunBreezehome 

Solitude ProudspireManor: coc SolitudeProudspireManor 

Riften Honeyside: coc Riften Honeyside 

Markarth VlindrelHall: coc MarkarthVlindrelHall

Windhelm Hjerim: coc WindhelmHjerim 

Morthal Windstad Manor: coc BYOHHouse2Exterior

Falkreath Lakeview Manor: coc BYOHHouse1Exterior

Dawnstar Heljarchen Hall: coc BYOHHouse3Exterior

Solstheim SeverinManor:  coc DLC2RRSeverinHouse

If the houses you stored items are added by mods, you can try to find the location id of the house by using creation kit, Translator Tools or SSEedite. Or you can simply visit the house through fast travel.

(C) After finish visiting all the houses with items stored,  open a random home chest and check if all your items stored in all home chests before are inside. 

If it is, then the mod function should work properly afterwards. You can save your game and do whatever you want now.

If it not,  please report the issues you encouter to me.

3. Compatibility issues:

It should compatibilized with all the mod added home chests as long as the mod didn’t edit the “Playerhousechest” base objective in the objective window.

Just ensure the plugin of my mod is always load below those “House overhaul” mod.

4. Known Issues :

(1)      All the Home chests would show “empty” states when you activate with it. But all your Items should remaining   inside. That won’t cause any issues in real.

(2) All the Home chests you activate with would not have any animations and sounds.

These two issues above could be fixable, but i consider the fix would cause the mod mostly incompatibilized with other Home Overhaul mod and the plugin would not be recored as ESL.

Due to such cost, I don’t think is worth to do this fix.

[/size]5. How to Uninstall?

Type console command : coc RemoteChestCell

You will then teleport to a cell with a chest in front of you. Take everythings from this chest and use command:

Coc whiterun (or other command teleport you to other place you want)

To leave this cell.

Save the game.

Uninstall with mod manager or delet all the files of this mod in data folder.

6. Special thanks to :

     cdcooley [/url] ( who help me with the remotecontainer script)

     Darkfox127 (https://www.youtube.com/user/DARKF0X127)

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99871

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