Hot Damn Oppai and Hot Damn Fit Bodyslides Presets

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HDF – Hot Damn Fit & HDO – Hot Damn Oppai 

These slides are inspired by Imitation Rebirth preset that comes with Bodyslide and Outfitter and are used in many of my newer mods. I like how that presets does not make the hips and waist look like a wisdom tooth and I like the overall natural look of the preset. 

Originally I named these presets Rebirth Reborn and Rebirth Oppai but thought it was kind of tacky to use someone else’s name so I re-branded them as “Hot Damn”

Anyway, it’s been a while since I shared one of these and I mainly make these types of presets for personal use. So if there is anything I can do better or I should do differently then please let me know.

As always thanks for your DL, Endorsement and Support. 🙂


BodySlide and Outfit Studio Created by Ousnius and Caliente

Wherever and whoever the Rebirth preset came from as inspiration

Everyone Ousnius and Caliente credits in their credit section of Bodyslide/Outfitter


all that were involved with the Rebirth project.

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