Housecarl Armour Replacer – Guards Armor Replacer Add-on

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This a small add-on for Guards Armor Replacer[/url] by NordwarUA (uploaded by DanielUA).

It replaces your housecarls’ armours with the new guard armours, befitting their station as soldiers or warriors of their hold. They will all wear the heavy variant of their respective hold’s guard armour (minus the helm, to make them more personable) along with their hold’s shield. The only two exceptions are Rayya (Falkreath), who continues to wear her Alik’r hood and dual-wield scimitars, and Valdimar (Morthal), who doesn’t use a shield since he’s a sorcerer. 

Please note that this will NOT make them more effective. The armours have generally lower stats than their usual outfits and the shields tend to be classified as light armour (all of the housecarls specialize in heavy armour). I just find the new armours to look far better than plain steel, and the housecarls are more than solid enough as is, so it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

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