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Travelling around Skyrim, you might have noticed how not only the inns but also the “farmhouse” type houses are basically copies of each other, and most lack cooking pots and have a grand total of 3 potatoes and 2 leeks as food. I decided to fix this, mostly by adding food and the means to cook it, but I also added beds where needed (or corrected them, making spouses sleep in the same bed and not with their kids, and such).

In general, changes in houses are limited to adding food, personal objects/decoration, idle markers and wares (to merchants), as well as assigning ownerships to beds and upgrading/downgrading the furniture (if necessary), or replacing it for culturally appropriate one, etc. Almost all civilized inhabited places have now a cooking pot, some also have ovens and butter churns. In a few places, the changes are more extensive; for example, the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Dibella in Markarth now has a new area where the priestesses eat and sleep, and Viola Giordano has a giant pottery oven in her home because lack of obvious means to earn one’s living was also an issue with some citizens.

Some of the changes to beds meant that I had to modify the sleep packages of NPCs to point to the correct furniture. The NPC records haven’t been touched, only their sleep or general packages (Dreyla Alor’s in Raven Rock, Hamal’s, Anwen’s, Orla’s and Senna’s in the Temple of Dibella, Dinya’s in the Temple of Mara, Jofthor’s in Ivarstead). Of course, many NPCs never sleep (innkeepers, carriage drivers…) and I haven’t changed that, but they still have beds for flavour.

Brand-Shei and Revyn Sadri (Sadri’sUsed Wares in Windhelm) now sell products from Morrowind, I added some to their merchant chests (and shops).

In addition to regular NPC homes, Ihave also modified inns, player homes and guild headquarters, as well as a few other places. There are 5 plugins to choose from: All-In-One, No Inns, No Player Homes, No Guilds and Basic (no inns, no player homes and no guilds). See the readme for a list of all modified locations.


All the inns have been redone, but without straying much from vanilla (I only used assets already in the game so nothing looks out of place). In some inns the rentable bed has been moved from the vanilla position, but the innkeepers will find them anyway. The inns also have an added bath (sometimes in a separate cell or the already existing separate basement), with a script that will make all NPCs (but not the player) strip when entering and redress when leaving the area. I don’t use any “bathing” mods, so I don’t know if users of such mods can use my added baths. I put them there mostly for the looks, even Nords must clean themselves

someday, right? I have also modified all of the inns’ merchant chests, adding custom lists with way more food to reflect on the food I visually added. These custom lists where made keeping in mind where each inn is located, so the Windpeak Inn is likely to have more horker meat than the Silver-Blood Inn, the Bee and Barb has lots of Black-Briar mead and the Winking Skeever may have some drinks from other provinces.

Player Homes

The 5 player homes and Severin Manorin Raven Rock have been modified as well. I haven’t added extra beds for the kids or displays or anything, these homes have received a similar treatment to the one I gave to  the NPC houses. Some homes have had more changes than others, for example in Vlindrel Hall and Honeyside the different rooms are in other places of the house, and buying the kids bedroom upgrade doesn’t mean losing the alchemy lab/enchanting table. I have also added a smithy in Proudspire Manor’s basement floor.

Guild headquarters

I also worked on Jorrvaskr, the Ragged Flagon and the Dawnstar Sanctuary. To the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters I have added another room for members of the Circle (you). The key to this room is inside the Underforge.

The Ragged Flagon and the Cistern now look much better when completing the Thieves Guild questline, and the Guildmaster has a small room of his own that you can eventually claim. I have modified some AI packages so that the thieves in the Cistern can visit the Flagon and merchants and the thieves in the Flagon (Vex and Delvin) can go to the Cistern, and Galathil the creepy surgeon can now get up and walk a bit. Also, Mercer should go to his room at night instead of frowning at his desk. Additionally, I have modified the merchant chests of Vekel (now he has more food as the Guild progresses), Syndus (he now specializes in bows and also sells general goods, I also changed his vendor type), Vanryth Gatharian (he sells mostly enchanted armour, and also spells, I changed his vendor type), Arnskar Ember-Master (he sells more weapons than armour) and Herluin Lothaire (I added some special Thieves Guild potions).

Finally, the Dawnstar Sanctuary has also received some improvements. The most important ones are a blacksmithing area by the round room with the training dummies, and that the torture room has been moved to a previously blocked room where the coffins are (I found the groaning and moaning of the prisoners extremely annoying, and they were also too close to the living area); the room where the prisoners where is now turned into a sort of study, with bookcases and a map.

I have modified the packages of Babette, Nazir, Cicero and the Initiates to allow them to move more around the Sanctuary, visiting different areas or training with the dummies. I have also modified the Initiates to give them more weapons (the female has an ebony bow and the male has an ebony sword).


A few extra details:

You have a bed at the Bard’s College if you join, it’s next to the beds of the other students.

The Dragonborn also has a bed in High Hrothgar, where I have also added a Greybeard apprentice that meditates on the Voice, sweeps the place and chops firewood. He doesn’t speak, like his elders (except Arngeir). Inside your small bedroom there is a rug that can be activated to meditate (meditating takes a while to have any effects).

A similar rug can be found at the Vilemyr Inn, but the meditation there isn’t as relaxing as in High Hrothgar.

When you complete certain favour for Lisbet at Arnleif and Sons Trading Company (in Markarth), it actually shows.

Requirements and compatibility

This mod requires all 3 DLC and USLEEP.

Any mods that change the areas affected will conflict, obviously. Changes to the DB Initiates will also need a patch. Anyone is welcome to make patches.


[font=Arial]Installation and uninstallation[/font][font=Arial]Install the plugin you want with the mod manager of your choice. I recommend using it on a new game, specially if using an option that includes the inns; some of the rentable beds have been moved, and because the innkeeper script points to them, their position gets baked into your save.

If for some reason you want to uninstall this mod, I don’t know what would happen to your game so be careful. Most of the changes should just revert, but uninstalling mods with plugins mid-save is not advised.

This mod contains 5 scripts: one for enabling Arnleif and Sons Trading Company’s extra wares, another to use the Greybeard meditation rug, another for the Ancient Tablet in Vilemyr Inn, and 2 to get NPCs to undress in baths (and redress when leaving).[/font][font=Arial]


Lights flicker in the Ragged Flagon. I know. It’s because the whole room is a single piece, so when too many lights hit it, some of them go out; it’s a vanilla issue.

I have created new writing chairs (like the one Adonato has in Candlehearth Hall), NPCs can use them with no problem but the player gets stuck after exiting them, just jump and it’s solved.

The alchemy lab in Dawnstar Sanctuary is actually 2 alchemy labs, a normal one that NPCs ignore on their sandbox and an invisible, downsized one that Babette can use. If I let her use the regular-sized one she clipped with it, so now she can happily prepare poisons but she can also do it while you are using the adult-sized alchemy lab, clipping horribly with your PC. Use the alchemy bench when she is not there.

This is my first mod ever, so please report any issues you might find and I will see if I can fix them.

Feedback on the schedule changes would be very appreciated (do the thieves visit the Flagon? Do the DB initiates train with the dummies?).


Thanks to the Unofficial Patch Project Team for USLEEP

Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit

Thanks to Ac3s for sharing the tutorial on how to make NPCs undress/redress, and to subtanker for making it. Also thanks to people on internet forums that shared scripting advice

Thanks to the Creation Kit Wiki and TES5Edit

Thanks to all the wonderful mods here that have inspired me to finally create my own, specially “A Conspiracy of Faith – Little Shrines to Talos” by TwilightStar,

which made me realise that for a country immersed in a bloody religious conflict, Skyrim has little evidence of religion on everyday life

Mods seen in screenshots: VanillaHair Variety Plus, Inconsequential NPCs, SkyUI[/font]

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