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Players home.                  

To get to HOVEN open map see pics for location then teleport there. 

To get a good idea of HOVEN look through the pics.   

has manniquins, weapon racks, soil for planting, tanning rack forge smelter ETC. 

I have tested the navmesh with a follower and encountered no problems.

Requirements:          Dawnguard.Hearthfire.Dragonborn.

Installation:             Just download with Nexus mod manger, Mod organizer or manual,if you want to install it manually,                                                  then you have to extract it into your data file for Skyrim.

Unistallation:          Just untick in mod manger or mod organzier or delete the files you manually installed.

CREDITS:        Many thanks to.                                                                                                                                  “stroti for all his resorces” 

                                “cad435 for Snow Elves Remastered”

                                “Varlaisaran for his Adabala Building System – Ayleid Transfusion”                                                      
”lor for resources”                                                                                                                                          “C.P.U.Loverslab”     

                                “tamira for resources”

                                “Oaristys for resources”

                                “Incaendo banners”

                                “Mr silka bed resources”

I dont have a back story about HOVEN it is what its there for, a players home,it do not support children adults only.

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