Hunter of Hircine Set

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This Mod is a brandnew Set of Armor called “Hircines Hunter“ and of course a weapon called “Battlehammer of Hircines Hunter

You can craft the armor + helmet on every forge under “Dragon“.

The Battlehammer can you craft under “steel“.

Materials for the Armor:

5 Dragonbones

2 Dragonscales

2 Leather

5 Leatherstrip

Materials for the Helmet:

2 Dragonbones

3 Dragonscales

2 Leather

2 Leatherstrips

1 Steel Ingot

Materials for the Battlehammer:

1 Dragonbone

15 Steel Ingot

10 Leatherstrips

The Stats of the set are:


34 Basearmor

500 Value

12 Weight


78 Basearmor

2200 Value

45 Weight


59 Basedamage

300 Value

31 Weight

You can temper armor and Battlehammer one time. 

Armor and Battlehammer are a player online item, that means you cant find it by your enemies.

The 1st PersonMesh is the mesh from the dragonscare armor, because i dont get how to make a first person mesh, if anybody know this, feel free to help me 😉


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