Hyaline – Master Fire Mage

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Hello all! This is my 2nd mod for skyrim and my first attempt at a follower. Please be sure to report any issues you might run into so I can fix them!

Character Bio:

Name: Hyaline

Race: Breton

Class: Spellsword/Mage

Marriagable: Yes

Essential: yes

Location: High Hrothgar


One day while at market, Hyaline hears a rumor of a parallel universe, a world called Tamriel. She stops in her tracks and listens as she hears mention of a place of knowledge, a place for wizards to learn and hone their craft. She silently vows to herself to seek out this place and see for herself if the rumors could be true. A year passes as Hyaline searches for information on this place and how to potentially reach it. After a few failed attempts, she finally manages to conjure a portal. Steeling herself she takes a deep but steady breath as she approaches it. She steps through the rift a bit apprehensively and after what seemed like an eternity to her she steps out the other side… Success! Skyrim as described by the texts. And whats this…? She looks around in astonishment. The college…what luck! There could be no mistake where she was. She looks around for an entrance and shivers as she notices the snow for the first time. She summons a small flame for warmth and heads inside to find some answers. Days pass and turn to years as Hyaline hones her craft gaining a greater affinity for destruction and restoration magics, particularly fire magic. One night as she slept she dreamed of a stranger of immense power, but that of which she could not understand. The next morning the dream as vivid as when she slept still weighted heavily on her mind. Heading to the library for some answers, she speaks to the librarian. After a few minutes, the conversation turns to her dream from the night before. As the librarian listens, he scowls in thought for a moment before a look of realization sets in. He proceeds to explain that this stranger is Dovahkin, or dragonborn in the common tongue and the the immense power being wielded is the Tho’um or “Way of the Voice” of which the secrets to are know to only a select few. The librarian stands and plucks a book from one of the shelves and hands it to Hyaline telling her the answers she seeks could be found there. Studying the book, she learns of the reclusive graybeards and their location at High Hrothgar. Over the next few days she makes preparations for the journey and sets out to High Hrothgar. Nearly a month passes before reaching her destination. Entering the large double doors she looks around at what appears to be an abandoned room. A moment later she sees a figure moving toward her from the shadows. With a sharp breath she turns to face the figure as she summons a flame in defense. “Stay your hand child and tell me what you seek!”, a voice commands. Immediately feeling a sense of calmness and peace, Hyaline tells of her long journey from home and how she came to have her dream. A couple years pass, and one day she is reflecting on what she had learned. At first the graybeards had been reluctant to share their knowledge but over time had begun to trust her and teach her some of the basics. Hearing a flurry of activity coming from the main hall, she goes to investigate. Arriving in the hall, she sees a stranger standing before the graybeards radiating a power she had never felt from anyone before. She watches in awe as the stranger calmly pass the graybeards test. Suddenly, it dawns on Hyaline, this is Dovahkin, the dragonborn! She smiles excitedly seeing her dream become reality and knew, just knew the Dovahkin would be the one to explore Skyrim with.


Fire magic

Restoration magic

Flame Breath shout

Unrelenting Force shout


Light Armor


Light Foot

Master Destruction

Expert Restoration


ObsidianDawn[/url] for the rune brushes

Mr. Dave for the knit texture

TumbaJamba for the meshes

Elianora for the textures

[/color][/color]Final Info:

Armor used it Battlemage

Weapon is a modified Dawnbreaker edited by me

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95626

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