IBTC to BigGuns body (UUNP)

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Like most guys, my tastes evolve over time. And my current fixation is ladies with a sturdy foundation and small knockers. So at the 0 end of the scale, they have virtually no boobs at all. I do still like big titties from time to time, so on the heavy end of the weight scale they are nice and heavy.  I also like women that are soft and juicy, so even the low end of the weight scale has a thick and sturdy foundation, which scales proportionately as it goes up. I don’t know if anyone else is even interested in this, but I thought I would offer it anyways. There is a metric buttload of body presets on here, but none really worked for me. Maybe this will work for you.

Included in the package is a regular body and one for clothing that has the bosoms pushed up and together.

This is for UUNP. I may do a cbbe version, but I won’t promise that. You are free to do so yourself.

Credits in Screenshots:

KS Renewal


2K Lips

And probably more that I’ve forgotten, I’ll update as I remember….

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99607

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