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Just what absolutely no one in their right mind wanted… Skyrim’s most IDIOTIC FOLLOWER is now available for you to abuse.

IDIOT ELF has been a source of constant ridicule since Skyrim first launched. Surely no one would want such a foolhardy companion to fight by their side!


As a Dovahkiin, she’s been a constant source of embarrassment for any unfortunate Housecarl that has been tasked with the difficult job of keeping her alive (or not killing her themselves).  Now it’s your turn to see if you can put up with her in your own game.

This mod adds a follower called Idiot Elf. She can be found in Jorrvaskr (the Companions longhouse in Whiterun).


Clumsy; – If there is a trap to spring or a hole to fall down, she will rarely miss the chance.

[*]Curious; – Especially when it comes to finding out what tripwires do. (if she were a cat, 9 lives would not be enough to get her through your game).

[*]Greedy; – Willing to do any dubious task if there is a hope of gold, or steal anything not nailed down.

[*]Compulsive hoarder; – Quickly becomes over encumbered due to her addiction to collecting crap (Especially shoes and boots). 

[*]Thick skinned; – Insult her as much as you want (everyone else does), she can take it.

[*]Narcissistic;- Egotistical and rarely considers others welfare (the phrase “centre of the universe” is taken to a whole new level).

[*]Naive; – More trusting than a toddler, and greener than grass.

[*]And of course…Absolutely Bloody Stupid!

Niborino9409) has managed to extract the pure mystical essence of this cretinous character (save file) and preserve it in a magical chalice (download) just for your entertainment (persecution).

Thanks to the amazing work or our Modding Team, we have also included some Special assets that are unique to Idiot Elf, and even relate to her stories. Unfortunately, these do not include the exploding chickens. You will just have to download her to find out what they are.


VORTEX[/url], (as it is nearly Idiot Proof).

DIMONIZED UNPfemale body, by dimon99 ( [NSFW] set to young body with scars and Mature face with medium blemish)

[*]Improved EyesSkyrim, by Nazenn


Reimar67’s Back Catalogue.

Or you can follow her new adventures in Skyrim SE using IDIOT ELF – The Skyrim Revisited COMPENDIUM

At the time of this release, there are over 5,000 Frames of Funnies on Nexus (many made into GIFs). 

And she has her own YouTube channel, with over 13 hours of IDIOT ELF Videos on YouTube.

Lani Minella[/url]).


My Idiot has disappeared again. Where is she?… Please check that she has not fallen down that pit you walked past a couple of hours ago. Failing that, she is just lagging behind, collecting crap. Don’t worry. When she catches you up, she’ll spend hours showing you her collection of buckets and baskets.

Does she actually do any of these idiotic things in my game?…
I’m afraid not. She’s no dumber than any other follower, so some imagination is needed. At least until we can work out a way of getting her to trigger every trap or pick up every bucket within 100 paces of her.

Is there a Skyrim SE version?…
Yes there is, but don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret.

Niborino9409 thought it would be a good idea to add IDIOT ELF as a follower. I’d love to thank him ever so much for his work, but he is now locked up in a mental institute. By all accounts the handcuffs and gags are not too painful. If you want to see him, the visiting hours are between 3 – 5 pm every other full moon. However, his excellent Mods are available on Nexus at any time.

Thanks Nibs.

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