Immersive College of Wintergold – Bijin – Males of Skyrim Patches

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This is a pack of tiny compatibility patches for Immersive College of Winterhold (ICW), Males of Skyrim and  Bijin Warmaidens.

The main files edit the only NPCs from the last two mods that are altered by ICW: Onmund and Brelyna Maryon. Without a patch, they will either have the vanilla face with mismatched body color or they will be missing the stats and AI added by ICW, depending on load order. With this patches, they will have both the changes from ICW and the new appearance.

I have made 3 different versions for each combination of the mods, all carrying USLEEP fixes over.



Apart from obviously using ICW and at least one of the aforementioned NPC replacers:

– I made the Bijin patch with the All In One esp, so it’s required for these patches. A version for single esps may be made in the future.

– The Males of Skyrim USLEEP patch is not required, but I recommend the esp replacer version.

– Not a requirement I recommend seromaxel’s Males of Skyrim v1.3 USLEEP Patch replacer version.

These patches work with the latest versions of the three mods as of 20/03/2019.


1. Simply activate with the mod manager of your choice or drop the esp in Data if you go for a manual install.

2. Load it after the affected mods.

3. Optional: If you use Wrye Bash (highly recommended) you can merge the file into the Bashed Patch.

To uninstall, deactivate the mod (mod manager) or delete the esp (manual). If you merged it with Wrye Bash, rebuild the Bashed Patch.

That’s it, I hope this fix helps you. If you find any issue, leave a comment.

Note however that I don’t plan on making patches for other mods if I don’t use them.

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