Immersive Emma Watson 2

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I just feel upset about my old emma watson preset, so I decide to make a new one. Here it is.


One female body like CBBT/UNP … (I use unp)

if not installed your body will not be naked and this is not cool.

Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K

It is a texture I used. I think it wont be nessasary but it will be different from my Emma if you don’t install it…

SG Female Eyebrows

Yes it is required.

If not installed you will find a big black rectangle over your forehead…

KS Hairdos HDT


1. Type “showracemenu” in your console(triggered by ‘~’) and hit “enter”. 

2.set race to Imperial

3. set preset to 3

4. Click “Preset” TAB at the right up corner

5. hit “F9”

6. select my preset file , it should be named as “emmaTest1.jslot”

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