Immersive Jewelry CBBE HDT Bodyslide

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I made the Vampire Chain Bodices from Immersive Jewelry bodyslide and HDT compatible.

I don’t know if I’ll do a UNP version but it’d probably be pretty easy to convert it between the two.

If there’s any other pieces of torso armour in the mod that I’ve missed, let me know. I might have a pop at em. I’m not doing anything with the necklaces, bracelets, chains, etc. though, I’d be dead before I finished it.

The body may be kind of shiny, nothing I can do about that. Sorry. Fixing the shininess yourself should be as simple as loading up the project in outfit studio, loading the cbbe reference of your choice by pressing ‘load reference’ under the ‘file’ menu, deleting the original shiny body if it’s still there, and clicking ‘conform all’ under the ‘sliders’ menu, then saving. Repeat for all 6 of em. I’d do it myself but the shininess is the default for my skyrim and I’ve spent enough time on this.

If you encounter any issues other than the aforementioned shininess, let me know though.

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