Immersive Sounds Armor Flesh Patch

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Alteration armor flesh spells- Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh, and Dragonskin- take on a thick, translucent icy appearance after installing Cutting Room Floor or Immersive Sounds Compendium mods.

Patches exist for Skyrim Special Edition, and users of CRF on original Skyrim, but I couldn’t find one for those who use Immersive Sounds Compendium on oldrim without CRF.

This fix can also be achieved by editing the ISC esp file with TES5Edit, but not everyone is comfortable doing that, and even if you did, you’d have to do it every time you reinstall ISC, which I happen to do a lot since I like to experiment with different settings. With this patch, you can experiment all you want and not have to manually edit the esp after each installation.

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