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Imogen is a standalone follower mod. Since she’s standalone that means that she doesn’t require any other mods to work. That being said you still need the XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended installed, but you should have that already. She’s a nord but because of her ears she’s half elf, half nord. I don’t know what elf exactly, maybe a wood elf. She levels with the player up to level 150. Her body comes in 3 varieties to choose from, CBBE, 7Base or UNPB. As of now she doesn’t have a backstory she’s just my character. Yes I know she’s just another typical slutty follower mod on the nexus, not very original. She’s very special to me and i put a lot of time and work into this. She’s been my character since the very beginning. I’m glad that iv finally managed to turn her into a follower mod and share her to anyone out there who likes her too.

General Info:

Race: Nord

Age: 21

Voice: Even Toned

Marriageable: Yes

Height: 1.00

Weight: 100

Body: CBBE/UNPB/7Base

Location: Winking Skeever, Solitude

Class: Spellsword

Armor: Dragonscale

Weapons: Enchanted Dwarven Fire Bow

Enchanted Daedric Sword of Souls


1. Ice Storm

2. Wall of Storms

3. Incinerate

4. Paralyze

5. Chain Lightning

6. Close Wounds

7. Conjure Dragon Priest

8. Conjure Flame Atronach

9. Conjure Storm Atronach


1. Armsman

2. Bladesman

3. Bonebreaker

4. Savage Strike

5. Bullseye

6. Overdraw

7. Critical Shot

8. Ranger

9. Destruction Master

10. Augmented Flames

11. Augmented Frost

12. Disintegrate

13. Twin Souls

14. Conjuration Master

15. Summoner

16. Elemental Potency

17. Restoration Master

18. Recovery

19. Regeneration

20. Respite

If your interested to know what they perks do then check out the elder scrolls wiki.

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Credits/Special Thanks:

1. SkylaSkyrim for the tutorial and esp

2. KS Hairdos by Shocky, Stealthic And Kalilies

3. Multicoloured hair by Mekasaa

4. The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam

5. Demonic Skin by RenGenBot03

6. Frecklemania by Tetrodoxin

7. Brows by HVergelmer

8. Kai’s Makeup by Xarathoshawke

9. Female Makeup Suite by Domainwolf

9. Custom CBBE Body Mesh by Porterhause

10. CBBE body by Caliente

11. Bodyslide by Caliente 

12. 7base body by Wast1980 and Sevennity

13. UNPB body by XP32 and Dimon99

14. All mod authors down the years for making their follower mods and for inspiring me.

15. Bethesda for making my favourite game ever

I appreciate any endorsements and any of your own pictures if you decide to add them

Thank you for reading and downloading!

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