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[font=Georgia]Imperial Nilfgaard

by Chris Kley


I’ve always disliked the imperial armor due to the fact that it seems like a downgrade compared to the armor that we saw in Oblivion. 

This mod fixes that by providing the Empire with the awesome Nilfgaard armors from the Witcher 3. 


1. Download the main file

2. Unzip the folder and drop the content into the main skyrim data folder

3. Enjoy

Recommended Mods

-> Crossbows for Imperials

Any mod that improves the Civil War


This should work fine with every mod besides mods that replace the vanilla imperial gear  (duh)

Known Issues

none so far

Planed DLC

1. Replacement for the ugly Imperial Sword


-> CD Project Red for the armor

-> Witcher 2 Shield Pack by redxavier for the shields

-> Witcher 2 Nilfgaardian Armor by SETVI for the armor 

Bethesda for Skyrim


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