Improved Last Vigil

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Hello! I made this as I felt the last vigil was lacking, whenever I went there on a playthrough it felt barren and lifeless unlike not far below was trees, rocks and over such things.

This mod adds very minimalistic features, not overloading the area just adds a few features!

-Additions to the area-

Two Trees

Three Rocks

One tree stump

One campfire

One of those ancient Nordic statues

A giant troll skull!

A bush!  I know right? crazy stuff here.


From what I understand this should be compatible with everything besides mods that edit POIFallForest28, POIFallForest28 is the cell that the last vigil is in.


Bethesda – for making the game

Me, Myself and I – for creating the mod

Falro The Great – for taking the screenshots ( really though, great work )

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