Improved Spells (Tyger)

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With the creation kit I’ve made some new spells and some alterations to some old ones: 

Trifecta- Flames, Frostbite, and Sparks in one spell with 72 total power at the cost of 150 magic 

Advanced Trifecta- All Expert level destruction spells in one with 180 power at a cost of 450.

Super Healing- 100 health per second at 50 cost

Ultra Healing- 1000 Health in one burst for you and your allies at 100 range that can also cure disease at 500 cost. 

Dragonbreath-24 damage Flames spell with 12 absorption in magic, stamina, and health for 75 cost 

Vanish- A 5 minute muffle spell and a 2 minute invisibility spell for 300 cost

Magicka Armor- An Ironflesh spell with 150 power and 50% resistances to all elemental damage and 25% resistance to magic damage that lasts for 2 minutes at 150 cost All wards now cost 2, 4, or 6 points of magika with same strength

Destruction Rune- All fire, frost, and shock runes in one for 450 damage total at 300 cost Bound weapons last for 5 minutes each.

Zombie, familiars, dremora, and atronauchs now last for 2 minutes each. Zombie spells now scale similarly to Illusion spells. Atronauchs and familiars now level with the player.

Voltage Storm- A Lightning Storm spell with 225 damage per second with 75 magic absorption at 75 cost per second and it has a reduced charge time  

Cloak Destruction- all three cloak spells in one for a total of 30 damage per second at 300 cost

Spellshield- increases armor by 300 and absorbs incoming magic damage 50 percent of the time for 10 minutes at 450 cost

Arcana- a power that restores all magic and health, fortifies magic by 1,000, and Destruction by 100, and regenerates magic and health by 100% for 2 minutes.

Beserker- a power that heals the user completely, increases health by 1,000, fortifies One-Hand, Archery, and Two-Hand by 100 each, and increases health regen by 100% for 2 minutes.

Marathon- A lesser power that restores your stamina completely and raises your stamina by 1,000, your stamina regen by 100%, and raises carry weight by 1,000 for 10 minutes at 0 cost.

Inferno- A Fire Storm spell with 300 damage for 900 cost, it also heals the user completely and creates a flame cloak

Snowstorm- A Blizzard spell with 60 damage per second for 30 seconds at 900 cost, it also restores health completely and creates a frost cloak

Master Illusion spells can affect everyone up to level 160, Expert Illusion spells up to level 80, Adept Illusion spells up to level 40, Apprentice Illusion spells up to level 20, and Novice Illusion spells up level 10

Dremora Lord Archer- Conjures a Dremora Lord at 400 cost. This one is at level 81, wields a Daedric greatsword, Bow, and Arrows, has a Conjuration spell (Conjure Dremora Lord Archer), and has all perks in Two-hand, Heavy Armor, Archery, Conjuration, and Block. If you want a unbroken version of the Dremora Archer, all Dremora now carry Daedric Bows and Arrows and levels with the player at the same cost as a normal Demora summon.

All can be found in a chest by the Skyforge next to one of the archery targets.

This mod is available for Skyrim SE on all systems under the same name however, I will no longer be updating that version as I am no longer able to reach it for some unknown reason.

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