Indra the Half-Blood Prince Racemenu Preset

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Dizona body

now this mod here is optional, if you want to have it exactly like mine then use SC Shinglescat mens faces younger and let it overwrite the dizona head its really based on whether you want the plane dizona with the preset or dizona and shingles, word of advice, SC’s mod and DVA really go well together  whatever you choose dizona body is still required, the face will look weird i sculpted it on that headmodel 

sentiment eyes

Holliday Hairdos

NB Scars

Domainwolf Textures for the burn effect, i don’t remember the mod my bad

DVA and i let his vampiric state really deteriorate til 3rd or 4th day bloodstarved

i realize it’s outdated but if you choose not to use dva please try belua sanguinare  (which i still use it and it works) 

also personally i have a one handed playstyle without using my left arm ingame for anything whatsoever since its been lopped off cause IMMERSION

anyway you need Zaz animations and Amputator mod to get that effect, not required at all but your character will be missing an arm when you first load the save haha cause of me ya i know im a rascal alright just save the game and reload, its just a slight hiccup scare me and itll go away

i don’t use better vampires cause the author was kind of rude to me once and i make memes so i take things personally for no reason anywhooo

thats basically all the mods, if i remember anymore ill let you know, oh, obviously you need racemenu

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