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Hello everyone my name’s b800047 and this is my first mod I’ve ever published so please bare with me here. This custom took quite some time to make, model, texture, import, export, modify, re-make, re-model, re-texture, re-import….it was a b***h and half to create, how bout that. Anyway I’d like to give props/respect to all the modders/devs out there that give their time and effort to keep making mods. I felt their struggle these past few days….but enough talk, lets go into the lore of this shall we?



-raspy old man voice….or greybeard-

It was said that the Grim Reaper once roamed these lands to waste to any mortal who crossed his path. No day had past without a flock of flesh scattered nor no night came without the stench of rotten corpses. It was rumored he had an apprentice he chose to spare before slashing away with his blood-drenched scythe. Was it remorse? Was it mercy? Was it the boy’s innocence that struck a turn in the Reaper? No one knows. For the Reaper decided to teach this mortal why he does what he his tasked to do since the VERY beginning. “No mortal can escape my grasp. If not by my hands, then the world will devour him. If not the world, then his kind will do my bidding. All I have to do is wait, for even time itself reaches everyone and everything. Death is life’s only cure” The Reaper, the bringer of death and darkness, spared one life. A life without meaning or worth. A life without mother or father. ‘But this was not mercy’ the apprentice thought, ‘but a message for all.’ And so Death himself forged a unique sword by his own skinless hands. A weapon that whoever wields it knows its dark consequences. “I reject this gift,” says the apprentice. “It’s not for you, young one. It’s for those that desire to seek a dark reward,” the Reaper replies.

And so, the sword stands

High atop the tallest peak

Marking the splitting between heaven and earth

Waiting for its next victim to send to Sovngarde


i don’t know, just some backstory i made up as i’m going along…but nevertheless heres a quick overview:

Weight: 10

Attack Damage: 50 (its dual bladed so 25 plus 25)

Attack Speed: X2 (it is VERY light)

Enchantment: Nightgale Bow (you’re gonna have to find it to find out yourself 🙂 )

Value:….its one of kind so i wouldn’t sell it…just saying…

seems pretty balanced given you still need to find it


Quick Q and A before ya’ll start going scoopy-doo on me:

-Why did you make this?

because i can

-Why not use Soul Trap?

in a way it DOES make sense to add this enchantment but we’re talking about a cursed weapon that REAPS people, not Pokemon GO people with a “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” slogan

-Can I re-texture it?

sure go ahead, as long as you give credit where credit is due go ahead

-Can I get the ID code? I can’t find it / I wanna use already

NOPE. its not because i forgot what the id item is, it just defeats the purpose of FINDING it…its on top of the tallest mountain in Skyrim in case you’re wondering…shame on you sir…ma’am…IT…

-Was it THAT hard to make a simple mod?

next question

-Can I provide feedback/suggestions?

go nuts…I’ll try to address/fix certain problems it might have (which shouldn’t be any) so keep in mind this is the INITIAL RELEASE

-Can I pm you?

if its about my mod: yes

modifying my mod: yes

re-texturing my mod: yes

showcasing my mod: yes

anything about me: no (i like my privacy)


And thats it at the moment…if i ever re-texture it ill be sure to leave some variations here, if ya’ll enjoyed it please leave a like or endorse (i don’t know what endorsing means here they could’ve put LIKE) and ill see you guys later

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