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PhoenixVivid ENB-Reshade for Skyrim SE

Phoenix Enhancer Reshade for The Elder Scrolls Online 

Phoenix Undead Reshade for Dark Souls III

Imaginarium ENB for Skyrim SE

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Insanity ENB is my personal adaptation from the legendary DAHAKA’s ENB, so first of all I would like to say a BIG THANKS to Dahaka Mod for giving me  permission to use his great preset as base. All the main credits for the original work goes to him. This is a Fantasy, exotic and impressive preset , with strong colors and contrast. (THIS PAGE IS ON CONSTRUCTION, I’LL PUT MORE INFORMATIONS LATER)



Weather Mods: Climates of Tamriel mod (version 5.0) is needed for the intended visuals. Install it ONLY with default settings + DLC options (assuming that you have the DLCs). Do not select anything else  during installation. 

Lighting ModsThe interiors settings are based on Enhanced Lights and FX mod, Install ONLY the defaut option and SMIM Meshes (if you use SMIM). Don’t install any other options. 

Skyrimprefs.ini settings: Adjust the lines bellow if necessary:



fGamma =1.0000












1 – ONLY for NVIDIA users:  If you are using HDMI conection, Its VERY IMPORTANT to set your Dinamic Range in full, in the graphics card control panel (see this image); 

2- Download the ENBSeries 0.292 here:

Open it and extract ONLY the files d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe to your Skyrim main folder. [/size]

NOTE: I was tuning this preset for the latest binaries, BUT for some reason it is giving me some annoying bugs related to shadow render and lines on horizon Sunset clouds. I couldn’t fix these issues yet, I’ll keep trying to do it, but if someone more experienced notice that and know how to fix , please PM me. Until so I would recommend to use this preset with 0.292 files for a while. 

3- MANUAL INSTALLATION: Download Insanity ENB main files, open it and extract the content to your Skyrim main folder.

4- MOD MANAGER INSTALLATION: Download Insanity ENB Data files and install it by your mod manager (let overwrite everything. Manual Installation of these files is not recommended and I will not support it. Put DAHAKAs Cot  esp plugin AFTER Climates of Tamriel DLC esps and before Enhanced Lights and FX one, in your load order. 

5- Run the game and enjoy the new look.


In the Skyrim folder, delete: enbseries folder, d3d9.dll ; enbhost.exe ; enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini . In your mod manager uninstall the Insanity ENB Data files. 


This is a HEAVY ENB preset!  I recommend at least a GPU like GTX 970 (or equivalent) to run it  with playable framerate. With my specs  (Intel i5 4690 3,5-3,9 Ghz ; GTX 1070  8gb VRAM and 16 gb RAM)  I’m running the game + this preset with 50 -60 FPS almost all the time (1920 x 1080 resolution), but FPS drops occurs in some places. Consider to disable Depth of field effect in ENB ingame menu (shift + Enter) if you need more FPS. 

– CREDITS:[/color]

- Bethesda for TESV: Skyrim  

- Boris Vorontsov for ENBseries

– Dahaka for the original work

[/size][/size]– Alexander Blade for Skyrim ENBHelper

– MATSO for Skyrim Visual Immersion Series ENB Resource

– Kingeric1992 for Weather.FX, DOF Extra and ALF effect and enbsunsprite.fx

– nanoman2000 for ENB raindrop bitmap

– bigeyescarl for Next-Gen Bloom effect

– ZeroKing for Post-Process Effects Addon for ENB

– JawZ for Sky mesh for ENBSeries

– amoebae for Lens textures for ENB[/size]

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