Isle of Artaeum – Season 2 – Auridon

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[font=Vivaldi]Isle of Artaeum – Season 2: Auridon[/font]

[font=Papyrus]The Psijics of Artaeum are a very secretive and exclusive group. They left Tamriel hundreds of years ago, when something instilled fear in the Psijic Council, but now they’ve found a motivation to return to the fatherland, Skyrim.

Luckily for you this gives you the opportunity to visit their homeland and see how these powerful sorceresses are living.

Introducing the completed storylines of the legend of Magnus, unraveling the mystery behind the legendary artifact in three uniqe endings.

But that’s not all. Season 2 also brings Isle of Artaeum to whole new level, with a brand new questline. Introducing an old enemy of the Psijics, dating back to the second era, you will be asked to aid them in their quarrel. Of course they will also show their appreciation for your assistance, making it well worth your while with features like spirit-horses, new player-houses and a whole bunch of followers, depending on how you play.

Adding reinforcements to the Psijic Order, you will in time be given the opportunity to study as they did, at the most esteemed magical school in Mundus; Auridon Academy. The Academy comes with over three dozen new spells, and a curriculum for each school of magic. Finally you will be able to study the arts, and learn all you need in the process.

Welcome to Auridon Academy. Where masters of magic are made. [/font]


Skyrim Script Extender [/url]

- Complete College of Winterhold questline.

[/font][font=Mistral]Author’s Notes:


* This is still my “first” modding-attempt so if you encounter any problems please let me know, in the bug-report forum.

* Most lines are voiced, but a few will be added in further updates (ex. Johanna the Restoration-teacher).

Known Bugs:

– Sometimes the weather is delayed, when  

entering Auridon. (Kvik-Fix: F5, F9)-

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