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Name : Jane

Location : Solitude Blacksmith

Weight/Height/Bodytype : 0.80/0.97/UUNP Special

Combat Skill : One-Handed/Two-Handed/Dual Wield/Bow/Crossbow, no magic

Default Outfit : BD Merchant Clothes

Default Weapon : Custom Silver Sword


[/size][/b]XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

HDT Physics Extensions[/url]


Rustic Clothing by Gamwich

Quick Light by TKTK

Gomaperoland by Gomaperopero



Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team

Enhanced Character Edit – More Body Sliders by Septfox

ECEE – RANs Enhanced Character Edit Enhancer by RAN46

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended – XPMSE by Groovtama

UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT by Blessed Redux Project team

HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT[/url]

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy

[/size]PureSkinTexture by Anini n Regenbot03

KS Hairdos – Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic

Natural Eyes by nevenbridge

The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam


BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente[/url]

BD UUNP Armor and Clothes Replacer by Baddog1978


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