Japanese Music Overhaul

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I like to play skyrim with japanese’s mods, and for more immersion I decided to pack a lot of japanese musics to use with the “Personalized Music – Add your own music to Skyrim” mod. Now Im uploading it for those who want to use the mod with japanese’s music too. Over 170 new musics!

image by: Lycan777


    [*]Music accordingly the area

    [*]Casual birds, winds and crickets depending area

    [*]Combat Musics

    [*]Tavern Musics

    [*]City Musics

    [*]Temple Musics

    [*]Dungeons Musics

    [*]Special combats musics (Vampire Lord, Dragons, Karstaag, Miraak)

    [*]New musics for DLC’s[/size]

   It will basically overwrite every vanilla music (The musics are not mine) REQUIRES “[/size][/color]Personalized Music – Add your own music to Skyrim”


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95460

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