Jewelry Limiter LE – Another Multiple Rings and Amulets Mod

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This is a conversion of my special edition mod by the same name, which can be found here. Converted upon request.

This is another mod that allows you to equip multiple rings and amulets. I wasn’t happy with the ones available for SSE so I made my own.

This one is different in that you can limit how many of each type you can equip, and the last ring/amulet you equip will be displayed on your character. It’s also scripted,  so it works for rings and amulets added by other mods. See the compatibility section for more details.

How it works is that when you equip a ring or amulet, it removes said ring or amulet slot mask, unless you’ve reached your limit. If you try to equip another after you hit your limit, the last ring or amulet you equipped will be unequipped. When you unequip a ring or amulet, it adds its slot mask back, so it will display on your character if you equip it again.


This mod uses vanilla slot dependencies to detect rings and amulets, so this mod will detect rings and amulets from other mods, as long as they use the vanilla slot dependencies. Because of this, this mod will conflict with other unlimited rings/amulets mods. If another mod removes slot dependencies this mod won’t be able to detect those pieces of jewelry. You can use this mod with Immersive Jewelry, but if you switch rings to the left hand, this mod won’t be able to detect those. Same with rings from Left Hand Rings.

Known Issues

While using this mod, don’t equip or unequip rings/amulets too fast, or it might mess things up, as in the ring or amulet count could be off. You can use the reset jewelry lists option in the MCM if anything goes wrong.

Quests that force you to remove all items from your inventory, such as going to prison, will cause problems with this mod. If possible, unequip all rings and amulets before an instance like this occurs.

You can only equip one of the same ring. If you have multiples of the same ring or amulet, the magic effects can stack.





Extract to your data folder, check in your load order, choose settings and activate in the MCM.


De-activate in the MCM and uncheck in your load order.

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