Joining the College Of Winterhold ( Glitch Fix )

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I had this problem with Skyrim SE . And it is confirmed to work with both versions of Skyrim , but i only have used it with Syrim Old. 


Resolved : If you run into the glitch or Bug where Faralda is not at the gate , and the college is inaccessable , or she will not let you in no matter what the script sequence is. Here is how to resolve the problem and the script sequence will catch up to where you are admitted to the college.

Go to Winterhold and take the back way to the cave that is the exit way from the midden .please note you will have to use ( TCL ) to climb up to where you actually enter the cave .

After you enter the cave make your way back to the surface and head first to 
Hall of Countenance.     At this point Faralda is most likely to be found there in or near her room in the Hall of Countenance, first room on the right. She wears master robes of destruction and a pair of boots. 

When found she will probably ask you ” If you are Dragonborn , i would like to see your shout ” 

Once you have shouted at here ( in here room ) the Quest will start ( New Beginnings ) .

Now , head towards the main gate . Once there … if she does not follow you there , or is not present  – Use the wait sequence for 24 hours .

The Gate should automatically be open.

If not , Use ( TCL ) to exit the main gate and meet her at the original spot where she lets you enter  down near town , and ask her if you can enter . The game will correct itself at this point and she escorts you to the gate which is now open to you as a new college student .

If this solution does not work at this point , you need to verify the integrity of your game – under steam / properties / verify integrity of your game .

Then Run Loot…… And then re -patch for errors .

1. Update.esm



4.Dragonborn.esm  – All  with Tesedit 3.2.1

Run Loot again , If all Good i would defrag for inevitable reasons.

Restart the game .

 Faralda should be coming down the ramp to meet you to open the gate , or confirm the shout again .

The Script will be reset and your good to go .

Heres how to get in the College the back way :

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