Jongur Assassin’s Witcher Dishonored Pack

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Jongur’s Steam Account page link :-

I also added some Assassin’s Creed armors from this website :-[/url]

I assumed they are all by the same person as the description names (who i assume is) Jongur as the OP as some I clearly recognize as his and no other author is mentioned but if I am mistaken and some of these assets are your work please message me so I can give credit or remove the assets as you prefer.

Also one or two armors will not display correctly on either gender such as the frontiersman’s armor shoes and George Monroe’s hat. Some don’t look correct when used on the opposite intended gender such as the Knife of Dunwall set for example.

In closing I just want to thank the Jongur for the distribution of these assets as I really enjoy them and many others have I’m sure but also for allowing me to upload them on his behalf. I hope people enjoy these as much as I have. Peace Y’all.

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