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A completely brand new, high detailed re-make of The Crown of Barenziah and the Stones of Barenziah.

Appearance will most definitely vary based on lighting / ENB / non-ENB settings.

What this mod includes: 

New “Crown of Barenziah” Mesh/Textures

New “Unusual Gem” Mesh/Textures


Do NOT optimize the textures!! Installation:

Vortex/NMM or Manual extract to skyrim/data

Note: This file MUST overwrite any existing files! Questions:

Q. Is this compatible with this thing?

A. Probably not. Mods that make new static meshes from these two items will need to be patched.

Q. Wat ENB r u use?

A. My own mashed together one.

Q. What mods are you working on/got planned?

A. Those are posted on my facebook page!

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