Junk’s Tower Moss Patch

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DESCRIPTIONI became very tired of the immersion-breaking, “pop-in” moss on the exteriors of imperial towers and forts in Skyrim. So, I set out to work on it and finally found a fix. This tiny patch fixes the moss “pop-in” for all imperial exterior tower and fort pieces. It also adds the correct new mesh for the upper portion of Whiterun Watchtower Exterior. In case you’ve never noticed, Bethesda used the wrong mesh for the upper tower piece. They got lazy, I presume, and used an already-made “Ice” covered mesh in its place. Now, that portion is fixed, and the moss on the rest of your towers and forts will remain visible as far as your UGridsToLoad is set.


CONFLICTSI did not edit any textures or file paths. All this mod does is install Vanilla meshes into the proper file path with my fixes done through NifSkope. The .esp file is only for the upper portion of Whiterun Watchtower Exterior custom mesh I had to make. Not sure how modded textures will respond to this, but I’m sure we’ll find out together on the “Posts” page.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99505

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