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just a simple nord race advancement

that starts you off with higher stats at the start of the game basically making it easier for people to take their time with stuff and just enjoy skyrim at the beginning without the worry of sucking lol and they are
basically the ment to be a scout/hunter/thief/assassin type race..

Lore of K23 they are advance race that gets mistaken to be a nord people of skyrim will see them as nords because k23 race just want to fit in and not be runned out of another home there ain’t much info on the race k23’s  and no one knows where they come from. most k23 race won’t tell you if they are k23 race they will just blend in and let people believe what they want. they are pretty much scouts and thieves ready it’s how they get by..

they mostly use 1 hand swords light armor bows and daggers.. some of their own race say they was born by witch craft or other means with all the race abilities they have from other races some k23 believe they not even 1 race some believe they are multi race in one body.. no one will never know if they was born by witch craft or some magic force….

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