Kaelyn Tsai Custom Voiced Follower

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Follower Kaelyn Tsai

Requirement : 

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

HDT Physic Extension[/url]

Name   : Kaelyn Tsai

Voice Type              : CVR Female Rose Deep

Body     : CBBE Body HDT

Weapon       : Melee Staff 

Style      : Two Handed, Conjuration, Destruction 

location       : Sleeping Giant Inn

Weight                     : 30

Spells    : Fire spells, healing spells

Unique Ability   :

- Blessing of Agni shout : grant 100 pts armor, 50 pts fire resistance, and 100 pts healing rate to nearby non hostile npc/creatures

- Agni Curse    : when wielding her unique staff, each melee attack inflict -50 pts armor and -15 fire resist for 10 second. Enemies with Agni curse only inflict half damage to Kaelyn.

ENB used on screenshot : Kwanon ENB

Credit :

Custom Voice Resource – CVR by Kikiapplus. Awesome Custom Voice Types for modders

CVR Follower Voices by Netherworks. Three Voice Resources by Kikiapplus that can be plugged into new or existing followers as a single master. Very easy to use.

CBBE[/url] and Bodyslide[/url]

Pretty girl Face and Body Texture Pack for CBBE BBP 3.0【ARROW&KNEE MOD TEAM™】 RANs Head Mesh

The Eyes of Beauty

[/url]Enhanced Character Edit[/url]

SG Hair Pack XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

HDT Physic Extension[/url]

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95808

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