Kaidan 2 SOS replace

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SOS version this time because I deleted SAM version out of frustration. 

[font=Courier New]——–description——-

[/font][font=Georgia]He is much older looking with a Beard and different eye shape as well as hair. 

Kaidan now looks very much like the Hunter and wandering warrior we know him to be.


((same as before if you install this mid-game use console command)) 

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]setnpcweight 50




Full credit to livtempleton. thank you for letting me have permission to make this replacer.

if I can make SAM version work too I will later. I finally broke down and downloaded GIMP. 

can’t tell you how much that helped ugh.. 🙂 

He’s fully done but the wounded texture didn’t work sadly. He just has Battle scars.

if you get weird beard clipping you need a male head tri file in your character assets. 

anddddd guss what???


yay. :3

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98493

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