Karwyn… Valenwood Ranger

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HG Elf Pack. This new version will be compatible.

[font=Tahoma]- Standalone Elven Archer with new “Charmers of the Reach” head mesh.

– Custom Ranger combat style and spells.

– Includes custom made, unique tattoo overlays.

–  UUNP / CBBE / SevenBase – HDT[/font]

Custom Spells:

[font=Verdana]Cloak of Hircine[/font] – A swarm of moths will surround the caster, dealing 10p/s of poison damage to any opponent who gets too close. Caster resists 20% of hostile magic and Magicka will regenerate 10% faster for the duration.

[font=Verdana]Beckon Beast[/font] – Caster will summon either a Spriggan Matron or Wisp Mother to fight for her. Equal chance for either creature.

[font=Verdana]Hircine’s Mercy[/font] – The ability to automatically heal herself and allies during combat when health falls below 60%

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