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KATANA ENB is built on the work of FKPX3118, author of Dahaka’s ENB. Designed for both gameplay and screenarchery. Color choices, 5 in total, range from Vanilla to Fantasy. With over 480 weathers and 100 cloud textures, roaming Skyrim will be an  outdoor adventure that is always immersive.

KATANA ENB version 2.0

Simple Instructions:

1. Install Climates of Tamriel Version 5.0.

2. Install KATANA CoT plugin

3. Install ELFX and on installation check the box for Enhancer. You want the ELFXEnhancer.esp in-game.

4. Correct load order is:




ELFXEnhancer.espKATANA CoT plugin.esp

Detailed Instructions:

1. Remove any previous ENB files from your Skyrim root folder. It is highly recommended to use an ENB manager such as “ENB FXAA SweetFX Manager and Remover” to do this. Make sure you remove *all* previous ENB files.

2. Download and install the latest ENB binary from Open the Wrapper folder. Install *only* d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe into the Skyrim root folder. As of the release date of KATANA ENB the latest ENB binary is v0.389.

3. Install contents of the ENB foler into the Skyrim root directory. My enblocal.ini is included in the upload. I recommend you us it, *editing it as necessary for your system* and preferences. For the value of VideoMemorySizeMb= run the dx9 version of the vramsizetest and use the number it outputs. Available here:

SMAA is optional, but will give you smooth edges, eliminating pixilization of structure edges viewed at distance.

4. Choose your color version. Default is Realistic. If you want another color version, copy effect.txt.ini into the installed enbseries folder replacing if asked.

5. KATANTA ENB comes with enableprepass and DoF disabled. If you want DoF in your game, open the included Depth of Field folder, choose High or Moderate and copy the .fx and/or .fx.ini files into the installed enbseries folder, then using the in-game ENB GUI, enable prepass and DoF.

6. Install the Mindflux Particle Patch and Subsurface Scattering Patch like any normal mod. Links in the Requirements section below. 

7. Proceed to requirements.


1. Climates of Tamriel version 5.0. Recommended installation is Default for all values and Interior-Warm.

2. KATANA CoT plugin. 

3. The latest ENB binary and a properly edited enblocal.ini for your system.  Mindflux Particle Patch and Subsurface Scattering Patch. If you use SMIM, let SMIM overwrite. Download at (PARTICLE PATCH ALL-IN-ONE INSTALLATION)k.5. ELFX with the ELFXEnhancer.esp activated.

4. Enhanced Lights and Effects (ELFX). Recommended installation is default for all and check to option to use the Enhancer.

5. The Unoffocial ELFX SMIM ENB fps performance patch (available on Nexus:

Original URL:

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