Keef’s Sword

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Oh not more co…

Hush, I want to tell you something.

Er, OK…

Back in 1991, when I was 14, I heard a song called “Charly Says” by a band called The Prodigy[/url].  It wasn’t like generic crap in the charts and sampling a safety advert, it actually turned it into something quite subversive.  A short while later there followed “Everybody in the Place“, which became a fairground anthem and is still heard occasionally.  I was already into the rave scene (the Second Summer of Love had only happened two years before), and I was into dance music, but there was something that felt new about The Prodigy.  They didn’t conform to the normal rules, something that I as a fledgling raver wanted to follow.  They are my favourite band.  Whenever I heard their tunes, even in some really bad times, it felt like the party wouldn’t stop.

Except on March 4th 2019 it did, as the world awoke to hear that Keith Flint had taken his own life.

So what is this?

It’s Keef’s Sword, a sword that is a Daedric sword (100 damage) that has a custom enchant called the Twisted Firestarter which makes the sword glow green, and does 75 fire damage to boot.  Oh and when you equip it then you get a sample of the opening riff from “Firestarter“.  There’s also a few loading screens thrown in.

How do I get it?

It has to be made at a Skyforge (to make steel as legendary as Keith was), and requires Firesalts and an ebony sword.

Any conflicts?


Any legal stuff?

The sample from Firestarter is used on a Fair Use basis, and in good faith.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Anything else?

Yes.  Stuff gets everyone down occasionally, but some people it affects more than others.  There’s no shame in admitting it (I’ve been there a few times myself), and if you need to talk in confidence there are people out there you can talk to.  If you’re struggling to cope for whatever reason then check out this page and make a call and talk to someone if you feel the need to.

RIP Keith Flint


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