Keira (Standalone Follower) (CBBE UNP)

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Her name is Keira,she was a request from a ex friend of mine last year, she was supposed to be the “cousin” of his character and Narysa’s Girlfriend,

but I don’t think he ever use her once and I don’t really use her often too,sometimes i even forget i have her :/ so i decide to upload,

maybe someone can give more use to her.

She might feet better in modern outfits but i made is a patch to change hair which i hope will works fine, was only tested by firewolf (Illidana on nexus).

Name: Keira

Race: Nord

Weight: 100

Location: Ivarstead, Vilemyr Inn

Voice: Female Young Eager

Combat Style: Archer

She comes with a daedric armor and a bow in the inventory but she only equip after you ask to follow and change cell, otherwise she will be naked :/ .

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