Kensik Female Preset Pack

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This is just a small pack of presets for females.

Separate presets are in optional files.




ECE (only femalehead.nif for SG Female Textures Renewal to work properly. How to make it work -> nexus forums)

SG Female Textures Renewal (be sure to install main file and elven race patch)

SG Female Eyebrows

Northborn Scars

KS Hairdos – Renewal

The Eyes of Beauty

Better Makeup for SKSE (if you want 4k makeup resolution; install High Res Makeup for SG Female Textures Renewal)


Use NMM or drop presets to Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets.

This is my first mod. Please, let me know if something is wrong.

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