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A user by the name of The Grinch on the Ultimate Skyrim discord mentioned that it felt unrealistic that chests and other locked containers in Skyrim’s households didn’t have a key, surely the owner would have one to unlock them?

So I decided to make this mod, which changes a number of containers in Skyrim so that they can now be unlocked using the owner’s key, and in a few cases adds a new key as the location didn’t have one.

This was made for, but does not require Requiem, and as such it forwards the changes it makes to containers where some now have higher level locks and a few are locked where they were not before. Given that this mod now adds the ability to unlock them if you’re a skilled pickpocket or are able to create wax copies, I feel this is more than fair.

It doesn’t touch dungeons, forts, or any other such locations, only homes, shops and inns within cities.

For compatibility, it should be placed after Requiem if you have it but before any lighting mods you might have so that the lighting mod’s changes to the cell overwrite any that come before it.

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