Khajiit Follower J’zathar

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Hi again! hehehe! this is my sixth Khajiit created and the fiveth for the project: Simple Khajiit Followers

This is J’zathar, a Khajiit with sneak abilities, uses a Ebony bow and dagger.

To locate this Khajiit, go to Riften, Ragged Flagon, the lair of the Thieves Guilds.

Now a pack with the five simple Khajiits (Ri’jard, Ma’quir, T’jarr, Ma’jaka-ali and now the J’zathar) will be created, i need some patience to you, i will make tests with all these last Khajiits that i have created, test a junction of all on a same file with this five Khajiits together.

But, if you need download the another Khajiits…

Jizarko* or for the SE:





And you can download my first Argonian follower…


So, for this week it’s all! Enjoy all this Khajiits and the Argonian! Please, leave a comment with your sugestion or tip!

Any idea to me? A Khajiit, Argonian or another one? Tell me! 🙂

*: Jizarko is a individual project, Double Warriors Followers, and the idea about this project is make custom dialogues, create a personality, quests a very more to Jizarko and an another NPC. So, for while, this is a simple Khajiit, but my plans are to make Jizarko and the other follower more than a simple companion…

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