Khajiit Follower Ma’jaka-ali

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Hi! Another Khajiit, another warrior!

This is Ma’jaka-ali, a warrior where your experience level accompanies the player’s level and where he is good with one-handed weapons and bows (available to him only a Daedric Sword).

You can find him on Dead Man’s Drink, Falkreath, is a Unique and Essential Khajiit, like the another ones a have created.

To download the other Khajiits and my first Argonian follower:

Khajiit followers:

Jizarko or for the SE:




Argonian follower:


A little observation to Jizarko, he is the mod where i will be developing to be a good follower, with custom dialogues, marriage options and a personality!

A pack will be create with five Khajiits on a single file! But this pack i will not include Jizarko, so, there is more one Khajiit to make…

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