Khajiit Follower T’jarr

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Hi again! My fourth mod added! Completing five mods created by me, i wanna make a little pack adding all Khajiits i have created (except Jizarko).

This Khajiit is a warrior, the skills is better with two-handed weapons, using a default Blades outfit and you can find him in Markath, next to the city doors.

Maybe you can marry with him, i put the “PotentialMarriage…” script to T’jarr, but same with the Amulet of Mara, the option “Interests bla bla bla” doens’t appear (To Lydia too). Please test and give me a feedback about the marriage options appears to T’jarr, yes?

Another point: All these Khajiits I created so far will be part of a pack that will be created soon (with the exception of Jizarko).

The Jizarko khajiit, is a individual project, for this i wanna create some custom dialogues, giving to him a personality, quests and another ones!

The Khajiits Ri’jard, Ma’quir and now T’jarr will be simple only, with standard dialogues, but some features to be good companions to you! If you need a little change on one of this ones, tell me! Okay?

If my english is bad, i’m learning the language, using the translator to some phrases and words!

Fortune smiles upon this meeting, yes?

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