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You can leave me a comment in English or Portuguese preferentially, but you can write on your language! 🙂 IF YOU HAVE THIS, DOWNLOAD ONLY IF YOU LOOKING FOR A UPDATE! THIS IS A MOD REPOST OF THE JIZARKO CREATED FOR THE GAME!

Jizarko, the Khajiit


Hello! This is a Khajiit full voiced follower project to The Elder Scrolls V and The Elder Scrolls V: Special Edition.

Jizarko is under development to be a full voiced Khajiit follower with personality, quests a much more!

Until now, JIzarko uses only vanilla dialogues and scripts.

You cannot marry with him right now, when this part is started to be developed, some custom dialogues and options will be added to him.

You can find Jizarko on Dragonsreach, Whiterun.

About Jizarko

Jizarko, a warrior of the warm lands of Elsweyr, comes to Skyrim to search a important person and tell him about stranger things what happens on a abandoned house. Whats happen there? Wait for a letter…

See the logs to info about updates and more.

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