Kiara – Vanilla Follower

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Adara, a priestess of Tava, raised her daughter Kiara alone out of necessity due to the untimely death of her former husband while on a trade route. As Kiara increased in years, she discovered (and pursued) a strange desire for solitude in the Hammerfell wilderness. Though she did have a sense of divine communication and a deepening peace, Kiara also began to feel selfish; she began to realize that she might have gifts and abilities given her purposefully to serve others.

Name : Kiara

Race : Redguard

Marriable : Yes

Location : Honningbrew Meadery

Skill : One Handed, Light Armor

Default Outfit : Redguard Clothes

Weapon : Scimitar


Manual Install:

• Click ‘MANUAL’ button

• Extract ZIP file to anywhere on your computer

• Place ESP & BSA files into Skyrim/Data

NMM Install:

• Click ‘NMM’ button

• Enable mod via NMM

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