Kire -Unsealed Blade-

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 Skyrim version recommended to be or higher

Requires XPMSE or a Like Skeleton Mod


[/b]“I did not wish to die like the other Blades.

I did not wish so see them perish from the Dragons.

I wished to win.”



[About Kire]

The Akaviri are the descendants of the Nedic people who first colonized Akavir during the Merethic Era.

Kire was informed by her Grand Master time and time again.

Power is not everything.

Yet she did not listen. Under her temple, was a sealed away sword, said to contain the Soul of a Fierce Dragon.

Time and time again she lost her comrades to the beast.

But no longer.

Under the cover of night she ventured into the Realm, however once she broke the seal to the Blade.

She was not only marked, but “cursed” as well…


One-handed Warrior, with multiple perks.

Her Akaviri Katana ”The Ancient Blade” has a unique look and increased damage

Comes with custom armor and an additional “armor”, The Sealed Arm, which increases One Handed Skill by 40%.

Set of custom Blades armor.

UNP body/ Textures

Kire can be found in the Deadman’s Drink in Falkreath

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Bethesda for creating Skyrim

Thank you all!


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