Kireina Skyrim – Human and Elf Facegen Overhaul

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Required : All DLC and USLEEP[/url]

Install / Uninstall :

Please use mod manager. Be careful not to overwrite the file by other mods.

For manual installation, unzip the compressed file and place the contents under Skyrim’s data folder.

To uninstall, just delete this mod file.There is no need to worry about load orders or saved data.

Recommended :

Expressive Facial Animation (Male / Female)

Compatibility :

This MOD conflicts with the NPC replacement MOD. 

If you want to use with other replacement, please overwrite with other MOD. 

If you want to use the mesh of this mod, please overwrite it with this mod. 

If the overwritten MOD does not change the part configuration of NPC, it will be reflected. 

Otherwise the face will be reset to default or appear dark. In that case, it is necessary to put back the changes in xEdit etc.

Note :

These Facegens use a fine-tuned version of EFA Mouth. 

The textures are standalone and do not reflect the textures used by the player.

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