Kiri of Oeax adoptable child

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Soon after Kiri was born, her father was killed in the ‘War of the Argonians’ trying to defend the ports from an attempted takeover to gain control of the moonsugar shipments which was illegal in Tamriel.

When Kiri was ten years old, her mother fell ill and died of an unknown disease. One day Kiri followed some other girls that snuck aboard a ship bound for Skyrim not really knowing where she was going.

After landing in Windhelm, all the girls left the ship and scattered. Kiri tried to follow but couldn’t keep up with them only to find herself lost somewhere in the city.

A kind young couple found her during a visit to relatives and invited her to their home high up in the mountains overlooking Whiterun. Her new parents were killed by bandits in a nightly raid while Kiri slept.

Again, Kiri was an orphan and wandered into Riverwood crying and begging for food.

She can be found in Riverwood hoping someone will be kind enough to adopt her.

Suggestion: After adopting her, leave to somewhere distant for at least 24 hours and when you come back to your home, she will be there.

No adoption can occur unless you have at least one house for her to live in.

Kiri and Sunnysky


Location: Riverwood

Required mods: Hearthfire.esm

Optional: Size does matter, multiple adoptions, Bless this Home – if adopting more than 2 children, must have a house that supports more than 2 adoptables but not required.

Recommended: White River Cottage located in Riverwood. The other kids will come play with your adopted children during daylight hours.

By default, she will have underwear for modesty purposes.

Sunnysky adoptable child can be found here:[/center]

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